AFRS Fluid Recovery System

Effective and efficient secondary recovery process for oil-based mud


The BRANDT™ AFRS™ fluid recovery system by WellSite Services’ FluidControl group features a patent-pending design that processes drilled cuttings coming off the shaker from the wellbore, providing effective and efficient secondary fluid recovery.

The AFRS system has two main purposes. First, the system recovers excess fluid that has generally been lost to disposal. The fluid can be processed and re-introduced into the mud system to reduce drilling costs. Second, the systems can significantly lower the amount of drilling fluid retained on the cuttings, making them stackable and reducing disposal costs—drier cuttings reduce (or eliminate) the amount of mix-off material required.

Overall, the system has been able to bring base fluid on cuttings to as low as 5% that has been traditionally lost with disposal. Instead, fluid (effluent) is re-introduced into the active mud system. Field data has shown that when drilling, the AFRS can recover .04 bbls per foot. 


  • Secondary recovery without increasing low-gravity solids
  • Reduces oil on cuttings to as low as 5%
  • Significantly reduces volume of mix-off material required to stabilize cuttings by 89 to 100%
  • Reduces trucking and disposal costs
  • Reduces base fluid dilution
  • Decreases overall tonnage to landfill
  • Full automated design
  • Reduces environmental footprint
  • BRANDT AFRS Fluid Recovery System Gen II FlyerEffective and efficent secondary recovery process for oil-based mud

  • FluidControl Case Study CanadaWSS FluidControl Saves Operator $120k with New Innovative Secondary Recovery Process for Oil-based Mud

Isometric view of a Fluid Recovery System unit
Rear view of a rendering of a Fluid Recovery System unit