Agitator Fishing System

The Agitator fishing system greatly increases the likelihood of retrieving stuck objects where overpull and jarring alone have not been successful.


The Agitator™ fishing system provides axial oscillation to reduce friction and aid in the retrieval of stuck fish. The system potentially eliminates the need for additional cementing and sidetracking jobs. With an increased success rate in the retrieval of stuck tubing, casing, and bottomhole assemblies (BHAs) in a variety of challenging applications, the Agitator fishing system can help you eliminate days wasted jarring and idle fishing. By maximizing your fishing success rates, the Agitator fishing system reduces additional fishing operation costs.


  • Achieves results in previously failed fishing attempts
  • Significantly increases rate of success for retrieval of stuck BHAs and pipe
  • Eliminates expensive cementing and sidetracking operations
  • Strength and frequency of the oscillations are customizable to your operation
  • Reduces nonproductive rig time and time spent fishing
  • Reduces lost-in-hole costs
  • Compatible with standard fishing tools


  • Stuck BHAs (differential/mechanical)
  • Casing retrieval 
  • ESP retrieval
  • Pulling sand screens 
  • Pulling packers
  • Agitator Fishing System Technical Summary

A render of the Agitator Fishing System slightly angled
Front render of the Agitator Fishing System
Front angled render of the Agitator Fishing System

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