AgitatorHE Surge System

AgitatorHE Surge System

The AgitatorHE Surge tool enables our customers to run the NOV Agitator System in their most demanding flow rate applications.

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The new Agitator™HE Surge™ system is the latest edition to the NOV Agitator product line offering to meet the ever-growing demand for higher-flow-rated technologies.

The AgitatorHE Surge tool is a new technology specifically designed to be able to manage flow rates of up to 500 GPMs (5 ¼ in. OD), 850 GPMs (6 ½ in. OD), and 1,200 GPMs (7 in. OD) respectively. This product features a completely redesigned power section and a valve assembly. The AgitatorHE Surge functions at pressure drop of 500-600 psi (standard setup) and at an operating frequency of 8-12 Hz.

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