AGM Surface Pump

The AGM is a superior high-capacity pump for all occasions—whether filling a tank from a dam or pumping over hills for several miles.


As the bigger sibling of our ASP range, the AGM surface PC pump has a heavier-duty industrial bearing housing to withstand higher flows, producing discharge pressures of up to 213 gal/min (810 L/min) and head pressures up to 980 ft (300 m).

The exceptional capabilities of this pump allow it to be placed at a significant distance from a water source, pumping over several kilometers if required. Along with greater suction capabilities of up to 26 ft (8 m), this versatile system is ideal for applications such as running small irrigators or washing down facilities in animal processing plants.

Our AGM is available in a bareshaft option or as a complete motorized package coupled to either a petrol, diesel, or electric motor. Environmentally friendly solar packaged solutions are also an option with this range. Simple in construction, this pump is low-maintenance, extremely reliable, and cost effective.

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