Air Line Wiper

Minimize the environmental impact of spillage by maintaining a clean working area around the wellhead during grease injection operations.


Designed to replace the traditional hydraulically activated line wiper or to work alongside it when extreme environmental pressures demand it, the Elmar™ air line wiper consists of a steel wiper body, aluminum alloy tulip, bronze upper bushing, and a special nozzle insert.

Being a non-contact line wiper, it removes the grease from the wire using compressed air focused on the cable through nozzles in the wiper insert, with air operating pressure ranging from 120 to 150 psi (8 to 10 bar). The proprietary nozzle pattern creates an effective wiping action and ensures that the excess grease is returned to the drain line.

Being line-size items, the insert and the upper bushing are required to be requested as a line-size kit to be compatible with the main assembly. The line-size kit can be retrofitted to one of our standard hydraulic line wipers, allowing conversion to an air line wiper

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