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AJ46 Jack-up

Accommodation and services jack-up

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The AJ46 is a three-legged accommodation and services jack-up that is part of the well-established GustoMSC AJ series. The series consists of distinct types for moderate and harsh environment designs. The AJ46 is the most capable and efficient accommodation and services jack-up for operations in water depths up to 375ft for worldwide operations.

The AJ series further consists of the AJ50, AJ54, AJ62, and AJ70.


Best in class solution:

  • Overall structural capability
  • Large variable load in all conditions
  • High safety
  • Sturdy leg bracing system
  • Large main deck area

The AJ series can be fully customized to owner’s specific requirements

AJ46 Jackup rig
AJ46 Jack-up
Sea Installer Challenger at Borssele offshore wind farm

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