All-Terrain Low-Ground Pressure Vehicles

For more than 60 years, we have been the industry leader in building large and small all-wheel-drive trucks for off-road conditions.


Specifically designed for low ground pressure applications from artic/tundra access to swamps and shifting sands, the vehicles are custom built to go offroad and beyond.

We have several base models of buggies, trailers, and wagons tailored to desired payload and ground pressure; however, our units can be built in a variety of sizes to fit your application needs. These units can be set up to perform specific functions or used to transport cargo across a range of terrains, including delicate tundra, ice roads, open ground, swamps, and deep sand.

We bring these benefits to life through the selection and build-out of many different options, including high-occupancy cabins, enclosed cargo areas (for capacities from two to 75 tons), GPS systems, and winches. Arctic rated units require unique designs and materials to handle the temperatures to provide equipment reliability and operator comfort. For these operations, our additional options include the installation of various implements such as cranes or snowplows, ditchers, seismic data, log/pipe transports, and generators.

We offer Rolligon vehicles in a wide variety of tire sizes, and we can customize any vehicle to fit your needs on any terrain. Our engineering staff and craftsman are focused and capable of taking unique job requirements and finding working solutions.


Our suite of buggy offerings ranges from our smallest model—the 4x4 with a 4,500-lb carrying capacity-- to our largest model—the 10x10 Titan with a carrying capacity of 60,000 lb. When equipped with low ground pressure tires, most vehicles are capable of amphibious operation at a reduced payload capacity.

Tractor trailers

Customers use Rolligon tractor trailer combinations to extend the load-carrying capacity of a standard vehicle for delivering large loads to remote locations. These tractor trailers utilize a Rolligon vehicle equipped with a fifth wheel to haul either a flatbed or adjustable pipe trailer. We can design fifth wheels to hide away to open deck space on Rolligon vehicles when trailers are not in tow.

Our tractor trailer combinations can be used with low ground pressure tires for soft terrains and little environmental impact or commercial all-terrain tires for jungle or hard ground applications.


Rolligon wagons are versatile equipment carriers that can be pulled by a variety of vehicles, including tracked or other Rolligon offerings.

They are available in a pipe or flatbed configuration and customized to meet your specific needs. Rolligon wagons are versatile and can be equipped with a narrow track tire for hard ground operation or a low ground pressure tires for soft ground operation.


Buggie Specifications

Model 4x4
Wheel count
 4  6  8  10
Tire size
 72 x 68
 72 x 68
 72 x 68
 72 x 68
Max. loud (per tire)
 18,000  18,000  18,000  18,000
Estimated vehicle weight (lb)
 22,000  30,000  40,000  70,000
Payload capacity (lb)
 15,000  30,000  40,000  70,000
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