Alpha Shaker

Drier cuttings. Higher flow capacity. Lower costs. Let’s get to work.


Everyone thinks they’re the top dog until they meet the Alpha.

The Brandt Alpha™ shaker can process the highest flow of any single-deck shale shaker. Following more than two years of design and testing, including taking customer input, we developed a precision design that delivers optimal enhanced linear motion. This shale shaker is able to process more fluid, get drier cuttings and help reduce your operational drilling costs. Designed from the ground up and with the rig hand in mind, the BRANDT™ Alpha™ shaker features a robust, yet simple screen clamping system, enhanced linear motion, with significantly higher handling capacities. More non-blanked open area (NBOA) produces considerably drier cuttings – all designed to lower your operation’s carbon footprint without compromising performance.


Basket and Screen Deck Specifications


Alpha Basket without Motors

Alpha Basket with Motors

US Customary

SI (International System)

US Customary

SI (International System)

Overall Length

100 7/8 in

2562 mm

100 7/8 in

2562 mm

Overall Width

69 7/8 in

1775 mm

69 7/8 in

1775 mm

Overall Height

37 7/8 in

962 mm

47 11/16 in

1211 mm

Mass (Dry)

2340 lb

1061 kg

2940 lb

1334 kg


27 9/16 in

700 mm

27 9/16 in

700 mm


14 5/8 in

371 mm

18 13/16 in

478 mm


51 ¾ in

1314 mm

54 in

1372 mm

Number of Screens


Deck Type


Deck Area

34.7 ft2

3.2 m2

34.7 ft2

3.2 m2

  • Alpha Shaker Flyer

  • Brandt Alpha Shaker Data Sheet

  • Brandt Alpha Shaker Screens Data Sheet

  • Alpha Shaker Anadarko Basin Case Study

  • Alpha Shaker Haynesville Basin Case Study

Drier cuttings

Drier cuttings

Retain more drilling fluid, reducing dilution costs and disposal trips.

Max capacity

Maximized capacity

Process cuttings at up to 30% higher capacity.

Linear Motion

Enhanced linear motion

Delivers drier cuttings, keeping drilling fluid where it belongs without sacrificing capacity.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

Plug and play connectivity with the Shaker Hawk™ remote monitoring and foundation for future integration and technology.

Easy use

Easy to use

No more bending, climbing, or reaching –allowing equipment operators to safely stay in one position while getting the job done.

Lower carbon

Lower carbon footprint

Higher capacity means drier cuttings, more drilling fluid retention, and a lower carbon footprint with fewer shakers.

We are the movers behind the shakers.

For over 50 years we have designed, manufactured, and offered the renowned BRANDT solids control and waste management product lines. For the past 25 years the King Cobra family of shakers has become synonymous with performance and durability and the Alpha begins the next evolution in shaker performance.

We don’t follow the pack. We lead.

We are confidently leading the industry with the next evolution of the shale shaker. NOV's Alpha Shaker delivers drier cuttings, keeping drilling fluid in the well and reducing the new fluid needed to get the job done. All the benefits – none of the sacrifices.


For existing NOV customers considering switching out their current shaker system, the Alpha Shaker easily retrofits into most other NOV King Cobra shaker skids in one day-and without the need for hazardous hot work.

Top angled shot of an Alpha Shaker, with the logo, on a field
Brandt Alpha Shaker with Alpha promo on the side, on grassy field with trees in the background
Low angled render of a row of Alpha Shakers

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