Ameron MPBR System Mod Pole Product

A simple replacement method to keep your lines energized

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The Ameron™ MPBR is a 60- to 90-minute pole butt replacement for ground-decayed wood, relocations, grade changes, and car-hit poles. Your new pole is ready in minutes, and all lines remain fully energized.

The MPBR concept is a "splice-repair" method. The damaged lower section of the pole is replaced with a sturdy concrete modular base, and the entire upper section is simply transferred to the new base and secured with a quick-setting grout. The top section of the pole is left intact, meaning all lines and equipment remain fully energized during the process. Standard pole replacement equipment is used.

Each module consists of two simple parts: the tapered, prestressed, spun-cast concrete module and a galvanized-steel connector for joining the intact top section of the pole to its new concrete base. High-structural-strength concrete modules provide original pole strength in all directions with safety, economy, and ease of installation.


  • No customer outages
  • Standard equipment used
  • Two pull wires provided (ground wires by other)
  • Ground wire entry slot
  • Step-mount provision for removable utility step (optional)
  • Ameron MPBR System Data Sheet

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