Anchor Handling and Towing

As your partner for fully integrated anchor handling systems and equipment, we fully integrate our systems into the vessel control system, enabling you to control and monitor anchor handling equipment from a single station.


Our anchor handling systems consist of a complete suite of equipment to support anchor handling or towing operations, including chain-pulling winches, chain replacement tools, and handling cranes.


  • Preventing overload rope tension due to sudden load peeks
  • Loadlim™ emergency release function
  • Emergency stop function
  • Remote control
  • Dependable, high-speed, dynamic braking while limiting the maximum load on the wire rope
  • Simple, automatic operation
  • Drive system PLC allows selection of maximum load limits for different ropes
  • Effectively eliminates drive-train inertia during surges on the wire rope, minimizing load spikes
  • Designed for continuous braking at maximum load
  • Allows more effective use of the winch-rated capacity in all weather conditions


  • Anchor handling and towing winch
  • Active heave compensation
  • Secondary winch with emergency release system
  • Electrical drive system with patented Loadlim
  • Rope reels
  • Towbox—shark jaws and tow pins
  • Stern rollers
  • Pop-up pins
  • Chain-pulling winch
  • Chain wheel replacement tool
  • Cargo rail cranes with remote-controlled gripper head
  • Deep penetration anchor launching system
  • Pendant wire drum
  • Rope and wire turn sheave
  • Fairlead sheave for moonpool wire launching

Equipment Specifications

Anchor Handling and Towing Winches

Max. rope tension

200 to 1,000 T (at first layer)

Rope speed

0 to 200 m/min (depending on input power and rope tension)

Rope storage

up to 18 000 m (100 mm rope at single drum)

Drum arrangement

Single or multiple drums in waterfall or in-line configurations

Electric Secondary Winches SW120T E SW 170T E SW250T E SW300T E
Winch capacity (max. line pull) 120 T 170 T 250 T 300 T
Drum length (main/socket comp.) 4500/1100 mm 4500/1100 mm 4500/1100 mm 4500/1100 mm
Drum/flange diameter 1500/4500 mm 1500/4500 mm 1500/4500 mm 1500/4500 mm
Wire/rope diameter 64/230 mm 76/230 mm 90/230 mm 96/230 mm
Drum capacity (wire) 7600 m 6900 m 6100 m 5900 m
Wire speed (max./part load) 19/35 m/min 20/37 m/min 20/37 m/min 20/37 m/min
Dry weight winch and sp. device 56 000 kg 83 000 kg 90 000 kg 95 000 kg
Max. weight of wire on drum 132 000 kg 170 000 kg 210 000 kg 230 000 kg
Power consumption (approx.) 500 kW 660 kW 1000 kW 1200 kW

Models SW140T E and SW 200T E are not shown here. Please visit the resource section for more information.

Chain Wheel Replacement Tool (CWRT) Capacity and Performance
Extraction/installation stroke 750 mm
Horizontal frame stroke horizontal 3800 mm
Vertical frame stroke 400 mm
Rotation and handling arm -90 to +90°
Max. vertical load on handling arm 16 T
Chain Wheel Size Weight
100 mm 4200 kg
114 mm 4600 kg
127 mm 6300 kg
133 mm 7100 kg
152 mm 11 000 kg
165 mm 14 000 kg
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A Lifetime of Lifting

We can help you with anchor handling equipment repairs, refurbishment, and exchanges. With a wide variety of spare parts available in our global warehouses, we supply the support you need for a successful operation. By performing annual surveys with additional performance checks, we help you maximize the use of your assets.

Highly accurate loading through tension control
Highly accurate loading through tension control
Active heave compensation
Active heave compensation
Complete and compact equipment package
Complete and compact equipment package
Electrical drive system with LOADLIM
Electrical drive system with LOADLIM™