AnderDrift Mechanical Survey Tool

Rapidly check the inclination of a well up to 5°.


Our AnderDrift™ mechanical survey tool monitors the inclination in vertical wells without the losses in time and capital typically associated with such services. The tool allows the driller to efficiently and rapidly check the inclination of the well up to 5°. Inclination data are transmitted to surface as a series of pressure pulses, the number of which corresponds to the vertical inclination. The pulses can be easily read on the driller’s pressure gauge without the use of additional surface equipment. As an additional service, a hard copy of the well data can usually be supplied by the mud logging company.


  • Data sent to surface in less than a minute
  • Real-time information allowing immediate remedial action
  • Supplied in preloaded short drill collar
  • No surface equipment or additional personnel required
  • Reliable accuracy over a 0 to 5° range in 0.5° increments or 0 to 2.5° in 0.25° increments.

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  • AnderDrift Mechanical Survey Tool Spec Sheet