Anson Plug Valves

Three choices of plug valves. One quality brand.


Plug valves are low-torque, quarter-turn valves used to isolate sections of flowline in pressure-control manifold applications. They are the valve of choice when space is limited and quick shutoff is required.

Our Anson plug valves have a robust and low-maintenance compact design. They have been used globally in multiple applications for the last 30 years. Available from 1- to 4-in. full bore for pressures up to 20,000 psi, all Anson plug valves are pressure-balanced and have replaceable inserts between the body and plug. Anson plug valves are supplied as standard with manual actuation—either a handle or handwheel with gearbox—and can also be fitted with hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric actuators when requested.

Premier plug valves

The Premier plug valve is available with an Anson hammer union, API flange, or hub end connections. Sizes range from 1 to 4 in. with pressures up to 20,000 psi for standard service and 15,000 psi for sour gas operations. The Premier plug valve is a tapered (wipe clean) plug valve design, preventing contaminants from entering the cavity, and it is ideally suited for abrasive well service and drilling applications.

Flanged valves are available with API face-to-face dimensions and either regular or full bore. Manufactured from forged steel, they can be supplied to API 6A specifications. Typical applications for the premier plug valve include fracturing, acidizing, flowback, cementing, and well test operations.

Compact plug valves

The compact plug valve has a parallel (floating) plug valve design and is ideal for service companies that require a compact and efficient shutoff valve for production testing and flowback applications. It is available with hammer union ends and comes in a 1- or 2-in. size for service up to 15,000 psi for standard service and 10,000 psi for sour gas operations.

DB series plug valves

The sub-compact, patented DB series plug valve range is ideal for single-person, manual-handling, and truck-mounted applications due to its lightweight design of less than 50 lb (25 kg). The DB series plug valve is available with Figure 602 or 1502 connections for both standard or sour gas applications.

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