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Subsea render of an F23 pipe

Anti-FLIP Flexible Pipe F23 Carcass

Eliminate flow-induced pulsations and ensure flow assurance.

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NOV's anti-FLIP F23 carcass, a revolutionary technology ensuring improved flow

Flow- Induced Pulsations (FLIP) are possible phenomena when dry gas flows through a conventional carcass flexible pipe (export gas). The occurrence of FLIP can heighten reliability risks in the structural systems attached to the flexible pipe. An adverse flow rate reduction in the flexible pipe typically mitigates this.

Our F23 pipe is engineered to ensure export rates stay optimal. Our nearly smoothbore carcass does not influence pipe properties, ensuring efficient gas export. This technology is qualified following the DNV-RP-203A and certified by Bureau Veritas at a Technology Readiness Level 6 (TRL-6). An external expert consultancy has concluded that the fundamental features of FLIP are eliminated with the F23 carcass design. The F23 carcass is qualified as a standard rough bore carcass for all failure modes and can be used for all carcass and liner material combinations.


Qualified Range 8–14 in. ID

Water Fluid Flow

For Dynamic Applications


Qualified for up to 950 m

F23 production is fully industrialized. The first commercial project to use the F23 flexible pipe was delivered in Q1 2021. F23 is already well received by the market and is part of many projects for multiple customers.

Render of an F23 pipe

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