Anti-Sway Rotator (ASR)

Revolutionizing Lift Operations


Introducing the Anti-Sway Rotator (ASR)

In the challenging world of lift operations, load control often demands extensive crew intervention to mitigate load sway and execute precise load rotations. The Anti-Sway Rotator (ASR) is set to transform this landscape, enhancing efficiency and safety while significantly reducing overall costs.

In the current market, where minimizing operational expenses is paramount to reducing day rates, our ASR technology is a game-changer. Traditionally, crane operators must skillfully manage the crane's movements to counteract the pendulum effect before lowering the load. Then, a full deck crew is necessary to rotate the load as required.

Our latest innovation, the ASR, can seamlessly integrate into our yoke-ready offshore cranes. It harnesses cutting-edge sensors and control algorithms to masterfully diminish load pendulum sway. Furthermore, the ASR empowers the crane operator to control the load orientation precisely.


Improved Safety

  • Eliminates the need for personnel to work in high-risk “black areas."
  • Reduces exposure to suspended loads, enhancing overall workplace safety.
  • Mitigates the risk of load collisions, safeguarding both assets and personnel.

Increased Operational Efficiency and Environmental Gains

  • Accelerates supply vessel loading and unloading processes, streamlining operations.
  • Promotes fuel and energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact.
  • Contributes to a more sustainable approach to offshore lifting.

Overall Cost Reduction

  • Lowers requirements for rig and supply vessel crews, reducing operational expenses.
  • Decreases transportation costs, optimizing project budgets.
  • Cuts supply vessel expenses, contributing to a more cost-effective operation.
  • Leads to a reduction in personnel on board (POB), enhancing overall cost-efficiency.

The ASR is not just a piece of equipment but a transformative solution that enhances safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in lift operations. ASR elevates your offshore projects to new heights while simultaneously reducing their environmental impact and overall costs.

  • Anti-Sway Rotator Flyer

Close up of an Anti-Sway Rotator with the sea at dusk in the background
Anti-Sway Rotator carrying equipment while on a rig at sea
Close up of an Anti-Sway Rotator
Image of an Anti-Sway Rotator at a facility yard
Image of an Anti-Sway Rotator (ASR) out at sea
ASR Active Mode Comparison Overlay
ASR - Active Mode Comparison Overlay

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