API Connections

Grant Prideco manufactures rotary-shouldered connections specifically endorsed by the American Petroleum Institute.


API licensed rotary-shouldered connections

In addition to our numerous proprietary technologies, Grant Prideco also manufactures rotary-shouldered connections under an API license.

Several of the API connections we provide are listed below:

  • Numbered Connections (NC)
  • Full Hole (FH)
  • API Regular
  • PAC
  • OH
  • SL
  • H90

API connections are an economical option when the high torque capacity of a double-shouldered connection is not necessarily a requirement (bottomhole assembly components, drill collars, heavy weight drill pipe, landing strings, etc.). Because they are public domain, API connections can conveniently be serviced in most drill stem repair facilities around the globe.

The specifications for products featured with these drill stem connections can be found in API Specification 5 DP, Specification 7-1, and 7-2 latest editions.

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