APL After-Sales and Services

With more than 25 years’ experience in comprehensive global service, we understand your need for experience, speed, and support, and we are here to serve all your needs.


APL After-Sales and Services

APL has provided service to the offshore production industry for more than 25 years. Our technology engineers and After-Sales and Services team collaborate closely to ensure quality and purposeful support is provided, through installation and commissioning, inspection, maintenance, upgrades, spare parts, and training.

Installation and commissioning

We are ready to support an efficient, safe installation and commissioning of APL systems. Per customer requirements, we develop the installation method for an APL system, as well as coordinate with the client's installation contractor. Our field engineers provide on-site support to get your system online and operating.

Inspection and maintenance

Our periodic inspection and maintenance programs identify potential repairs before they become costly issues or cause downtime. With all equipment drawings in-house and an inventory of spare parts, we can quickly perform maintenance or repairs. APL engineers equipped with extensive experience and the necessary tools perform offshore calls to solve equipment concerns, whether they are hydraulic, electronic, software, or mechanical.


To optimize performance, we offer redesign, refurbishing, and modifications of your equipment. With our document control system, we always keep project and equipment drawings up to date, including during an overhaul upgrade. We can also provide the designs and fabrication needed for demobilization of older equipment.

Spare parts

We provide original equipment manufacturer parts and the necessary documentation for all our equipment while providing updates and delivery within schedule. Our spare parts team will assist you in replacement spares for older equipment with spare parts that are no longer available.


Problems can arise during your equipment’s lifetime, but you can avoid expensive delays by calling on APL to carry out repairs on location or at sea when needed. Our service engineers are on hand to deliver specialized assistance whenever it’s required. Our team of service engineers is familiar with the constraints that come with working in challenging environments, completing all projects efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.


We also offer a series of training courses for operators and maintenance personnel, all of which are tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Our team of trainers can provide a practical, theoretical, or combined learning experience that covers operation and maintenance of mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical/software systems.


We also offer a large variety of studies, this might be but not limited to lifetime extension of equipment, relocation/demobilization of equipment, retrofit and upgrades.

Test and Research Center, warehouse, and workshop

Our Test and Research Center allows us to run large tests of equipment for development, but we also conduct fault finding, alignment tests, etc. on existing equipment for service purposes. Furthermore, we have our own workshop for inspection, overhaul, and repair of your equipment. The workshop is in connection with our warehouse, where we have critical and long-lead items in stock to support your safe operation. 


Need service support?

For support on repairs, spare parts or service, contact us via e-mail at [email protected],
by phone at +47 45297000, or on our 24/7 line at +47 90804405.