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Solar solutions for a more sustainable future.

Experts in energy – no matter the source

NOV has been purposely innovating in sourcing energy for the world for over 150 years. The technologies that we develop to power these global initiatives have historically been driven by the effort to minimize environmental impact, but as we transition our energy projects to more sustainable efforts, we are pioneering new technologies to provide the world with power. Safely, efficiently, and responsibly.

Our goal is to deliver long-term, cleaner energy to the world, and we accomplish that by continuing to innovate in areas that allow our customers to increase their energy delivery and decrease their environmental footprint.

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Our product family

ArcMinPV is NOV’s product portfolio of solar racking and tracking capabilities. We provide stability in design, delivery, and service that customers can rely on.

With our expertise in supply chain management and our footprint of hundreds of facilities, you can depend on NOV to provide the solutions you need to complete and maintain your solar projects.

installed solar capacity


years of experience with CAPEX projects

GeoPro fixed tilt solar rack


NOV’s GeoPro fixed-tilt solar rack is trusted in more than 2 GW of installations. The fixed tilt design solves several ground-mount challenges and has a low cost and short lead time due to its module-dependent design. Wind, terrain, and weather don’t deter GeoPro, and the agility that the design provides can enable last-minute project changes, and customer flexibility.

Close up of solar panels from the bottom up, with a view of the sky
NOV technician working on solar panels
TechTrack Distributed


Reduce your total project cost by introducing TechTrack’s dynamic design and unmatched site flexibility. Increased tracking yield lightweight design features result in better results and less field work. Patented Dynamic StabilizationTM reacts in real time to field conditions, giving you a secure and reliable performance.

Aerial view of Solar TechTrack
Aerial view of TechTrack at solar farm