Argus TubeSpec

A unique, patented, ultrasonic coiled tubing monitoring device that frequently provides highly-accurate circumferential wall thickness measurements as the tubing passes through the device during field operations.


In today's complex wellsite environments, coiled tubing failure can occur as a result of mechanical damage due to erosion, corrosion, tensile overload, and abrasion. These failures are not only costly but time consuming for both you and your customers.

While most ultrasonic transducer methods require clean water to couple the ultrasonic probe to the material measured, the Argus TubeSpec™ uses a polyurethane element as a medium between the sensor and the coiled tubing, eliminating the need for water coupling. The polyurethane element (a solid) exhibits excellent wear characteristics. When compressed, the element transforms to exhibit the attributes of a liquid, filling changes in the surface contour of the tubing. The polyurethane element is therefore not contaminated by the environment, and accurate circumferential wall thickness measurements can be made. These measurements allow you to evaluate the coiled tubing’s wall thickness along the string.


  • Provides continuous, accurate, localized wall thickness, OD, and ovality measurements using 12 ultrasonic probes
  • Tracks weld-seam location to monitor rotation of the coiled tubing string
  • No calibration needed to measure wall thickness
  • Horizontally split for installation on coiled tubing; no need for dangerous stabbing-through of tubing
  • Complete unit weight, excluding mounting bracket and electronics, is 66½ lb.
  • Hazardous area certified – Zone II
  • DSP internally processes 1,000 wall thickness calculations per second within ±0.005 in. accuracy.
  • Outputs 12 minimum, maximum, and average circumferential wall thickness measurements per second within ±0.005 in. accuracy and one minimum, maximum, and average diameter per second
  • Indicates when the weld seam is in the vicinity of one of the 12 probes
  • Argus TubeSpec Flyer

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