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eDrive Deacero

Artex eDrive FracLine

The High-Performance, Low-Carbon Solution for Your Wireline Well Interventions

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The latest direct-drive full electric wireline winch from NOV, the Artex™ eDrive FracLine, allows you to operate more efficiently and more profitably—with drastically reduced carbon emissions.Built upon years of proven reliability, this technology eliminates direct CO2 emissions, reduces wellsite NPT, minimizes maintenance, and provides enhanced remote diagnostics. Engineered to deliver superior performance, these eDrive FracLine units can be customized and configured in a variety of ways to suit your budget, climate conditions, performance standards, and environmental requirements.

The eDrive was engineered to help your business comply with the industry’s net zero commitments while maximizing your return on capital investments and increasing your competitive advantage. The eDrive FracLine unit also includes several automation features to enhance wellsite efficiency. Auto spooling, constant speed, constant tension, constant jarring, cruise control, brake check, and remote diagnostics all help to mitigate the risk of unplanned events such as tool pull offs at surface and bridging out in the well. The unit features advanced control software, power recovery and storage, powerful permanent magnet motor technology, and variable frequency drives to ensure every variation of your wireline operations run smoothly.Additionally, the multiple remote-control options allow you to run your operations from anywhere, allowing for reduced crew sizes and further mitigating the risk of unplanned incidents occurring.

Key features and benefits:

  • Zero direct CO2 emissions and reduced environmental impact to support ESG goals
  • Advanced controls and operator aids
  • Automation ready
  • Enabled for remote wellsite operations, reducing crew size at location
  • Energy efficient system with low maintenance requirements
  • Asset condition and performance monitoring for data-driven insights
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Cleaner, quieter, and safer systems for improved HSE performance
  • Redundancy and contingency systems to keep operations running
  • Reduced wellsite NPT
  • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting support
  • Zero pull offs and mitigation of other operator error issues
  • Ultra-reactive winch performance
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Top view render of a white Artex eDrive FracLine
Full view render of a white Artex eDriv FracLine
Artex eDrive FracLine operator's station, with monitors turned off

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