LandLine D Wireline Winch

Equipping you to provide every wireline service from 0.092-in. slickline to 17/32-in. openhole logging in a single, rugged mobile package.


Self-contained and tough enough for the most remote oilfields, our ASEP™ LandLine D truck-mounted wireline winch system equips you to provide wireline intervention services in every terrain. The convenient containerized format allows you to choose the truck or trailer chassis that suits your needs, enables fast chassis changes, and allows you to manage your operational budgets.

With your working efficiency at the heart of our design, LandLine D units are available with single- or dual-drum configurations, giving you the ability to run combined services with a single crew. Fast deployment and operation straight from the transport platform enable you to work fast at the wellsite. Simply open the doors, start the integrated power pack, and the winch is operational.

Available in a fully self-contained package with an integral power pack and generator, the LandLine D can run services from 0.092-in. slickline and casedhole services, all the way to 17/32-in. openhole logging. The large operator’s cabin can accommodate data acquisition equipment and an engineer’s desk or a slickline workbench area for tool redress far from home base. Power packs can be specified in heavy duty or super duty format, giving you the power to get the job done fast even in the deepest of wells. With RigSafe or Zone II options, the LandLine D can be customized fit your needs and maximize your efficiency.


  • ISO 20 ft container format provides maximum transportation flexibility
  • Powerful diesel engine provides enough power for heavy-duty jarring and deep wireline logging operations
  • Single- or dual-drums for well servicing from logging to slickline or heavy-duty fishing
  • Comfortable and spacious cabin with ergonomic controls allows for remote operations and minimizes operator fatigue
  • RigSafe or Zone II options allow you to choose the protection levels that suits your environment
  • Minimum servicing requirements equals maximum availability
  • Reliable ASEP closed-loop hydraulic system provides both excellent low speed control and jarring response
  • Electrical generator up to 30 kW to supply all your on-site power requirements in your choice of voltage and frequency
  • Optional ASEP LineMinder™ provides powerful safety features and job recording information
  • Customizable options available to configure your equipment to your needs


  • Generator
  • Air conditioning
  • Slow-speed valve
  • Logging rack
  • Engineer’s desk and chair
  • Dehumidifier
  • Intercom
  • Zone 2 ATEX
  • Two-speed gearbox (open hole)
  • 10-in. LineMinder
  • BOP control
  • Stuffing box control (slickline)
  • Tool and stem rack (slickline)
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LandLine D Wireline Winch Unit Winch Bay
LandLine D Wireline Winch Unit Winch Cabin
LandLine D Wireline Winch Unit side view

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