SlimSplit C Lightweight Slickline and Logging System

Perform slickline or wireline logging operations where lifting capacity is limited but the job requirements mean no compromise on performance.


Our SlimSplit™ C aluminum wireline winch system can switch between every imaginable well servicing activity, saving you time and money by eliminating the need for another winch, operator, or engineer on the rig.

Big on service but small on size and weight, our SlimSplit C aluminum system offers a practical solution when space on the rig and li¬fting capacity are at a premium. The system features a comfortable, enclosed cabin with purge and pressurization systems for the safe operation of your logging system. Full ATEX and CE marking with DNV 2.7-1 lift-ing certification completes the package.

Highly compact and versatile, our self-contained wireline winch system can be configured with optional single-drum winches to perform braided-line logging or slickline operations. The standard configuration comprises a powerful diesel-driven power pack, comfortable ergonomic operator cabin, and your choice of winches.

Compact, comfortable, lightweight, and adaptable—the SlimSplit system helps you get the job done with quality and reliability supplied as standard.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight modules – 4,960-lb (2250-kg) MGW gives you access to platforms with limited lift¬ing capacity
  • Interchangeable winch modules for braided line or slickline allows you to configure winch options to suit your well servicing activity
  • Powerful turbo-charged diesel engine; enough power for deep logging runs or heavy-duty jarring
  • CE marked, ATEX approved, and all frames certified to DNV 2.7-1 (2017), maximizing your asset mobility with worldwide accepted certification
  • Comfortable cabin and ergonomic controls in a compact footprint
  • Minimum servicing requirements equal maximum availability
  • Reliable ASEP™-patented, closed-loop hydraulic system gives smooth control even at extremely slow logging speeds and allows high-performance jarring, all in one system
  • Pressurized cabin with fire and gas system provides space to easily accommodate your logging systems and laptop computers
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SlimSplit C Wireline Winch Unit and Power Pack
SlimSplit C Cabin and Power Pack
SlimSplit C Wireline Winch Unit
SlimSplit C Wireline Winch Unit Cabin
SlimSplit C Cabin

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