Asset Lifecycle Management

NOV’s Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) optimizes your asset’s reliability and increases its operational performance to maximize the lifespan of the asset.


What is ALM?

Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) is the process of optimizing an asset’s reliability and operational performance during its lifespan.

NOV’s ALM suite helps maximize the usable life of assets. ALM aims to maximize operational performance, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of assets by better management of operational use and service history throughout their lifespan to maximize the return on investment (ROI) and achieve carbon neutrality goals.

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Electronic identification

With the use of proven radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and proprietary software solutions, NOV’s TracID™ provides clarity, cost-savings, and confidence by eliminating the guesswork around how to best use and maintain drill stem assets.  

TracID brings together offerings from our Grant Prideco, Tuboscope and M/D Totco business units to deliver a complete asset management solution.  Our data-driven system lets you accurately identify, locate, evaluate, and manage your assets globally.

Asset-tracking Software

Our Max™ Tracker cloud-based asset tracking software brings asset identification, location, evaluation, and management into a single, comprehensive platform accessible from anywhere. The system automatically imports data from the TruData database and third-party inspection reporting systems for any assets using TracTag RFID technology. A simple search or scan retrieves individual asset records with last known location and status, manufacturing specifications, service history, and other information.

  • Full Documentation & Traceability
  • Asset History & Trend Analysis
  • Detailed Summary Reports
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Remaining Life Analysis

Automated Tally

More than just a tally, the M/D Totco™ AutoTally™ provides usage data to improve pipe management for both owners and operators. With an RFID antenna installed under the rotary table, each tagged asset is recorded as it enters and exits the well, automatically displaying usage and tally history in Max Tracker. Easily set usage thresholds in Max Tracker and receive visual threshold notifications on a rig-site display to evaluate assets before using them downhole and identify assets to shuffle into use after each trip.


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