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Fully-automated advanced system robotics for performing a variety of tasks and improve your rig’s performance.

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Advanced system robotics

The fully-automated ATOM RTX system is completely scalable to your rig’s needs. Completely integrated with NOV Automation control systems like Cyberbase and Amphion, you customize and build your ATOM RTX system to compliment your existing equipment and complete the tasks required to optimize your rig’s performance. The ATOM RTX changeability allows the system to switch between different end effectors to maximize the number of repetitive tasks it can complete.

Increased safety on the drill floor

With ATOM RTX able to perform multiple repetitive tasks on the drill floor and in the derrick, you are able to completely remove hands from Red Zone areas. Use those people where human expertise is needed and use  ATOM RTX to handle the redundant work in the drilling process.

Unmatched consistency provides efficient operations

The ATOM RTX system completes tasks the same way – every single time. With that level of consistency, you get predictable outcomes and increased efficiency, allowing you to tap into valuable operational data that can be used to optimize your drilling processes.

Complete multiple tasks

Whether you are drilling, tripping in, or tripping out, the ATOM RTX system can be configured to complete a variety of tasks including:

  • Tailing pipe
  • Stabbing pipe
  • Standbuilding
  • Pipe doping
  • Mud containment
  • Stabilizer handling
  • Remote winch operations
  • ATOM RTX Flyer
Robotic Arm TDS RDTC
Robotic arm red dark
Robotic Arm holding pipe RDTC
Robotic arm blue in facility
Robotic arm blue side view
Robotic arm holding pipe front view

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