Real-time collaboration and remote solutions for drilling and lifting needs


AURA™, NOV's family of collaboration and remote-enabling products, solutions, and lifecycle service programs are designed to enable better situational awareness and avoid human mistakes.

Real-time collaboration

AURA is a platform that allows apps from multiple vendors and enables the driller to visualize untampered and native content directly in the driller's chair. Once this platform is installed, there is no need for third-party screens in the driller’s cabin. All available content can be displayed on unlimited screens across any location, land and offshore, as long as the internet connection supports it.

Remote operation

By combining multiple high-resolution video streams into one wide-angle view, AURA Drill enables remote rig operations by replacing direct line of sight and providing a view of the entire operation. Remote users can fully customize their view to suit their needs by using the AURA joystick, while live operator screens remain untouched. AURA display streams create an optimal view of operations, including real-time drilling data, a visual of downhole equipment, a downhole simulation of drilling activity, CCTV video, and 3rd party information.

With AURA technology, remote drill floor operations (RDO) occur separately from the drill floor, allowing work to continue safely from any alternate location without sacrificing performance. All safety features remain fully operational during RDO, including emergency stops. AURA can also be utilized for training scenarios when not being used in live operations.

The AURA series of remote solutions also available for crane operations.

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Information being pointed out on a screen
Information being viewed on several screens
Information being viewed on several screens
Aura being demonstrated

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