Display the information you need, when you need it


Simplify your view with the right information

The driller’s cabin can be a cluttered and complex environment with information from multiple sources in varying formats. Adding new third-party applications and sources typically increases the number of screens and complexity, which can lead to not only inefficiencies but also threaten safety.

AURA™ eliminates cabin clutter by consolidating multiple screens into a single customizable screen and enables seamless third-party integration. The screen displays data and visuals from multiple sources pertinent to that stage of the drilling operation, providing invaluable insights.

From downhole simulations, digital well plans, and KPIs to red zone monitoring and CCTV, viewing pertinent data and visuals enables you to make well-informed decisions, predict potential hazards, and fine-tune operations for maximum efficiency and safety.

Features and Benefits

  • Eliminate cabin clutter by consolidating many screens into one
  • Customize your view to only show the information you need, when you need it
  • Improve safety through a comprehensive overview of operations
  • Uncompromised line of sight enhances safety and efficiency
  • Ready for existing and new third-party information
  • Scale without adding complexity by integrating new applications into AURA
  • Compatible with Cyberbase™
  • Data, visualization tools, and video live side by side on the same screen

  • AURA Flyer

Information being pointed out on a screen
Information being viewed on several screens
Information being viewed on several screens
Aura being demonstrated

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