Automated Control Systems

Industry leaders in the design and manufacturing of control systems for the global petroleum industry


Our products include safety shutdown systems for wellheads, process facilities, compressors, and pumps.

Additionally, we provide a broad range of custom-designed control systems and services for optimizing production. Our technical personnel have been actively involved in control panel projects that have been installed in more than 20 countries and in nearly every major petroleum-producing region of the world.

We handle engineering, procurement, and manufacturing in-house. Our engineering team maintains the latest in CAD capabilities to facilitate rapid design, engineering, and prompt deliveries. Our manufacturing and procurement team can conduct hydraulic and pneumatic pressure testing, nitrogen charging, control panel simulation testing, continuity testing, component repair and bench testing, and quality control procedures testing. Additionally, our facility is equipped with a variety of specialty tools to facilitate control panel construction.

We also have extended international capabilities, which are enhanced by a worldwide network of exclusive representatives.

Wellhead control panels

Our control panels are available in a wide variety of options and are built with exceptional quality and a proven track record for reliability and ease of maintenance. We specialize in the design and assembly of wellhead surface and subsurface safety valve control panels for well production facilities. Our panels are adaptable to facilities located both onshore and o­ffshore and are designed and assembled in-house in both standard and custom configurations. Our panels are constructed of 12-gauge 316SS enclosures with 316SS ASTM 269 tubing and fittings along with weathertight doors to protect panel-mounted components. Exotic-material tubing and fittings are available to specification.

Single-well control panels

Our standard single-well control panel is used to operate one hydraulically controlled subsurface safety valve (SCSSV) and up to two hydraulically or pneumatically controlled surface safety valves (SSV) for any type of well. The panel automatically closes the safety valves in response to alarm conditions that require shut-in. Safety valves can be shut down manually or automatically and remotely or at the panel.

Multiwell control panels

Our multiwell panels o­ffer all the features of our single-well panels in a combination of pneumatic, hydraulic, and electronic logic in a single panel for multiple wells onshore or o­ffshore. Hydraulic pressure is developed from either pneumatic/hydraulic or electric/hydraulic pumps within the control system to provide a fail-safe system for ESD, fusible-loop fire protection, and wellhead valve opening/closing sequencing. Multiwell control panels can be customized to meet your operational requirements, as well as weight and footprint constraints.

Coiled tubing BOP closing unit

Our coiled tubing blowout preventer (BOP) closing unit enables stand-alone operation of coiled tubing BOPs and associated auxiliary valves. These are available in any standard configuration from one to 10 functions. Each function is protected with an external cover and safety detents to avoid accidental operation. The coiled tubing BOP closing unit has a heavy-duty carbon steel frame and includes a custom vinyl cover.

Hose-reel skids

Our hose reel skids can be customized to any configuration necessary. Reels can accommodate up to 200 ft of ⅜-in. fireproof hose with pressures up to 3,000 psi and are terminated with customer-specified disconnect fittings.

FPSO/calm buoy components

We o­ffer catenary anchor leg mooring (CALM) buoy manufacturers and FPSO/FSO/FLNG vessel manufacturers the components needed to control pipeline end manifold (PLEM) valves and turret toroidal swivel leak containment solutions.

Hydraulic power units/hydraulic fill pumps

We design and manufacture a vast number of HPUs to meet your exact specifications. All HPUs are designed to provide a safe and reliable hydraulic supply to a wide range of end-user equipment. In addition, our HPUs are highly customizable and available in a wide pressure range—from 1,000 to 60,000 psi—to fit your specific requirements.

Coiled tubing portable chemical injection unit

We design and manufacture highly portable chemical injection units for the coiled tubing industry with operating pressures from 5,000 to 15,000 psi. These units are compatible with most widely used inhibitors and can be customized to meet your needs.

High-pressure test racks

We offer our customers a truly customized pressure test solution for testing units up to 50,000 psi. We work with your R&D lab  or testing facility to provide exactly what you need to test your products. We also offer wall-mounted and shop-portable racks.

Hydrostatic testing equipment

We design and manufacture a comprehensive range of hydrostatic testing systems that are safe and easy to operate for a vast variety of liquids and gases. These systems include all controls and instrumentation required to manage the speed and pressures at which the liquid pumps and gas boosters operate as well as inlet/outlet connections. We offer simple multiuse applications and high portability when required. We build custom high-pressure test systems to your specifications.

Natural gas sampling panels

We design and manufacture collection panels for use in LNPG plants. These panels incorporate remote collection points with the ability to consolidate to gas chromatography machines.

ACS accessories

We support and offer a high level of aftermarket sales such as portable hand pumps, ESD stations, double block-and-bleed manifolds, accumulator/bottle racks, high-pressure valves, fittings, and tubing. Our range of accessories includes chart recorders, high-pressure hoses, relief valves, pressure gauges, and much more.

  • Portable hand pump – Includes 3/4-hp pneumatic-driven hydraulic pump with accessories
  • ESD stations – Available in manual or push-button operation
  • Double block-and-bleed manifold assemblies
  • Bottle/accumulator racks – Custom racks for nitrogen or accumulator systems
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