Technician using an Automated Stimulation Unit Control System

Automated Stimulation Unit Control Systems

Our automated control systems use oilfield-tough hardware and straightforward, intuitive operator interfaces.


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We understand that simple, reliable controls are an essential part of any unit built for oilfield service and have developed controls for all aspects of oilfield stimulation. Our FRACTRAC blender control software provides unparalleled versatility for density and chemical automation. Through password-protected system setup screens, this system can be adapted to numerous unit configurations and control logics. Chemtrac and Hydratrac both expand upon Fractrac’s proven reliability for LAS and hydration unit controls. FCII is the most adaptable frac controls system on the market. FCII can be used to control older mechanical engines; Cummins, Detroit, and Cat electronic engines; Allison, Cat, and Twin Disc transmissions; and a wide array of pumps. FCII includes many selectable features that can be used to customize the performance of each unit. Most importantly, no matter the configuration of components, the operator interface for any configuration is always the same, making training of operators independent of configuration.

We include the above controls on any unit built at our facility and can upgrade your existing equipment with controls retrofit in our service facility. Controls are standard in English; some foreign languages are available.


Closeup of interface for Automated Stimulation Unit Control System
Technician using Automated Stimulation Unit Control System with equipment in background

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