Automatic Sample Catcher System

The Wilco automatic sample catcher system is designed for easily removing a representative sample of dry material as it passes through pneumatic process piping.

Components of a Wilco Automatic Sample Catcher System
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Our system consists of the sample catcher mounted to the piping and a controller that can be remotely mounted, such as in a control room. The easy-to-use electronic controller allows the operator to take a single sample or start and stop the sampler with preset timing modes for small, medium, and large blends.

The sample catcher contains a fixed, replaceable probe that collects material as it passes and a valve that opens to allow the material to pass into a sample chamber. The valve closes and traps the collected sample in the chamber. Once the controller receives a confirmed closed signal, a second valve opens to allow the sample to gently fall into a bag or bucket. The controller ensures that both valves cannot open at the same time, preventing the possibility of blowing pressurized material into the environment or around any personnel.


  • Auto-shutoff option gathers a user-defined number of samples and then stops
  • User-operated purge can be used to clean out the chamber if a sample becomes packed in place either during sample gathering or while idle
  • Patent-pending two-valve system and control scheme
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