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Technician using AutoTally

APT | Automated Pipe Tally | AutoTally

Provides accurate and real-time information on downhole pipe assembly

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The M/D Totco™ AutoTally™ real-time pipe tally system provides usage data to improve pipe management for both owners and operators, and improves safety and efficiency by removing the need to mark and measure each joint at the wellsite. With an RFID antenna installed under the rotary table, each tagged asset is recorded as it enters and exits the well, automatically updating usage and tally history by serial number. Operational information is available at the rig site through a touch-screen human machine interface in the driller’s cabin, and tally and usage history appear directly in Max Track. You can easily set thresholds in Max Track and receive visual threshold notifications on a rig-site display to evaluate assets before using them downhole and identify assets to shuffle into use after each trip. This optimizes rig inventory management to ensure minimal NPT. 


  • Automatically generates pipe tally by scanning tagged joints entering the well
  • Downhole usage data for lifetime of pipe by recording
    • Hours in well
    • Rotating hours
    • Number of rotations per joint in the tally
  • Utilizes RigSense™ data to ensure accurate hole depth and bit position when RFID is not present
  • Imports pipe & inspection report data to be used in the tally
  • Separately logs usage data from before and after kickoff point (KOP)
Autotally Render

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