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Topview of a set of Vector Drilling motors in 4 different sizes

Bearing Pack Technologies

Optimize operations with a drilling motor specifically tailored to your drilling environment's unique challenges.

No matter the drilling application, we can recommend and provide the components for the most reliable performance – every time.

We continue to push the technology envelope in drilling motors with enhanced product offerings and drilling solutions. Building on the legacy of our bearing pack platforms, we have become a leading global provider of drilling motor technologies.

The Vector™ Series 55, 55RS, 50, 40H, 36H and Impulse technology deliver even more innovation, performance, and reliability, taking these product platforms even further in terms of drilling efficiencies.

Series 55 Motor render

Series 55

The new Vector™ Series 55 motor is designed with a robust mud lubricated short bit to bend bearing pack. This design allows for higher weight and torque capabilities and the mud lubricated assembly allows for a wider range of temperatures and mud types.

Learn more about the Series 55 Drilling Motor
Series 55RS Motor render

Series 55RS

Series 55RS bearing pack is explicitly designed for rotary-steerable system motor assist applications. The driveline incorporates a high-strength bearing mandrel and exceptional torque handling capability.

Learn more about the Series 55RS Drilling Motor
Series 50 Motor render

Series 50

Our Series 50 drilling motor provides strength and reliability with a short bit-to-bend, allowing superior directional performance and the ability to drill a curve and lateral in a single run. Engineered to be 35% stronger than our previous generation of motor technology, the motor can be run on our strongest ERT™ power sections.

Learn more about the Series 50 Drilling Motor
Series 40H Driveshaft assembly render

Series 40H

Series 40H bearing pack technology incorporates next-generation universal joint design. This patent-pending driveshaft design enables the motor to provide exceptional torque capability and reliability.

Learn more about the Series 40H Drilling Motor
Series 40 Motor render

Series 40

Series 40 bearing pack technology allows for higher weight-on-bit (WOB) capacity, increased levels of radial load, and the ability to run in high-temperature applications.

Learn more about the Series 40 Bearing Pack
Series 36 and 36E Motor render

Series 36H

Series 36H bearing pack offers a next-generation universal joint design with torque transferring faces and a larger driveshaft. 100% flow-through-the-bit technology allows for an increased rate of penetration (ROP) and maximum drilling efficiency.

Learn more about the Series 36H Drilling Motor
Series 36 and 36E Motor render

Series 36 & 36E

Our Series 36 & 36E bearing pack technology delivers fully-sealed bearing assemblies, allowing 100% of fluid to pass directly to the bit with no fluid loss – an ideal solution for air drilling applications.

Learn more about the Series 36 & 36E Drilling Motor

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