Below-Grade Production Facilities

Our containment well cellars can enable production trees to be completely below grade or tubing heads to be just below grade, enabling wells to produce while being safely covered.


Moving the wellhead below grade provides unrestricted pad access, eliminating the risk of wellhead collision and asset damage. In addition, ease of movement on the pad site is increased both for return-to-pad activities and general rig operations. This unfettered access means simultaneous operations (SIMOPs) are feasible, negating well shut-in and deferred production and significantly increasing net present value (NPV).

Once the wellhead is housed below grade, wellhead spacing can be reduced, enabling the option for a smaller pad size with an accompanying reduction in construction costs. Improved operational efficiency can also be achieved across all departments due to wellhead standardization.

Cellar Tech offers structural cover plates and bar-grating systems to handle truck traffic, heavy equipment traffic, and rig substructure loading. Our structurally designed containment-well cellar walls handle rig-soil side loading or surcharge loads.

With the addition of some optional cellar features, the entire pad can be contained and considered zero discharge. Additional value is created by offering below-grade production options for which wellheads are placed underground in multiwell pad drilling sites to avoid asset damage and other risks associated with the assets being above ground while drilling, completion, and production groups work around the site.


  • Minimizing or eliminating contamination of near-wellbore soil and water
  • Providing a safe and controlled work environment at the wellsite
  • Reduced footprint by increasing wellbore count in a pad
  • Reducing the need for OSHA-required confined-space entry permits
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