Big-Bore Frac Solution

Optimize your frac fluid delivery from high-pressure pumps to wellheads with a complete and adaptable solution from NOV.


With a complete big-bore frac solution from NOV, you can safely and reliably increase asset utilization and improve on-site efficiency. So — are you ready to make a new connection?

Our FracMaxx™ big-bore manifold provides a versatile solution for any wellsite, with conventional trailer-mounted and modular pod designs. Our market leading FlexConnect™ high-pressure frac hose provides easy installation to get you pumping faster, with built-in flexibility that reduces rigup time, safety hazards, and potential leak points. Our game changing FracMaxx swivel connector ensures quick and accurate connections and minimizes wear, maximizing the life of your big bore hoses. The FracMaxx™ articulating iron eliminates the need for costly zipper manifolds, with a single large-bore flowline capable of reaching up to four wells from a single site location. And adding the QuickLatch™ system lets you quickly and easily connect and disconnect from each wellhead, significantly reducing rigup time compared to traditional flow iron.

  • FracMaxx and Big Bore QuickLatch System Brochure

  • FlexConnect HP Frac Hose Flyer

  • FlexConnect HP Frac Hose Chemical Resistance Spec Sheet

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FracMaxx articulated flowline

Increase efficiency and reduce your costs at the frac site with our new big-bore FracMaxx™ articulated flowline system. Be ready to frac in a fraction of the time needed for a traditional rig up and reach up to four wellheads with the long-reach big-bore iron and versatile crane, all from a single position.

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Our integrated safety systems ensure the latch is fully engaged and it is safe to frac. Sensors detect full travel of the piston and that the interlocking pins are in place. Once latching is confirmed, a simple traffic light system displays a green light on the control panel and on two indicator towers located on the latch.

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FlexConnect high-pressure frac hose

We understand the industry’s current challenges, which consist of numerous leak points and long rig-up and rig-down times with traditional iron setups. Our FlexConnect™ high-pressure frac hose provides improved frac media resistance and enhanced flow rates, which enables you to enhance your frac operation.

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