BlackBox/BlackStream 5-in. EMS Tool

Our collar-based enhanced measurement system (EMS) tools use advanced algorithms to capture a wide array of measurements, including multi-axis vibration, load, pressure, and rotation.
A tool rendering of a BlackBox EMS tool on a white background.
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Our M/D Totco™ 5-in. BlackBox™ and BlackStream™ EMS tools record high-frequency measurements downhole and along the drill string for analysis and optimization of drilling practices. These measurements include downhole weight, torque, two-axis bending, rotation, three-axis vibration, annular pressure, internal pressure, and temperature at a continuous rate of 800 Hz. These statistical data (maximum, minimum, mean, and standard deviation) are recorded to memory every 2.56 seconds. Tools may be run in memory (BlackBox) or real time (BlackStream) via the IntelliServ™ wired drill pipe network and as part of the eVolve™ Optimization Service tiers, and they are available in a variety of sizes and materials to satisfy individual project requirements.

  • BlackBox/BlackStream 5-in. EMS Tool Spec Sheet

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