BlackBox Eclipse II Tool

Advanced vibration, rotation, and temperature measurements allow for customized solutions and optimized drilling performance


As a descendant of the BlackBox™ Eclipse drilling dynamics memory-mode logging tool, M/D Totco's BlackBox Eclipse II downhole measurement tool offers additional features such as increased accuracy, higher resolution, and higher frequency continuous sampling. The BlackBox Eclipse II tool is deployed in a BlackBox carrier sub, allowing for flexible placement in the bottomhole assembly or the drillstring. The tool captures an array of measurements, which includes multi-axis vibration, temperature, and rotation. Analysis of the high-frequency downhole data allows for improvements in drilling efficiency, and the BlackBox Eclipse II tool can help deliver custom solutions to drilling challenges by maximizing performance and reducing well delivery costs.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible deployment options—carrier sub sizes range from 4.75- to 9.5-in. OD
    • Allows for various data-collection techniques
  • Gyro RPM sensors
    • Provides accurate data at all speeds and with all carrier sub sizes
  • Three-axis vibration measurement
    • Captures detailed downhole behavior
  • Continuous, high-frequency data capture
    • Provides greater accuracy for analysis
  • Field-replaceable electronics
    • Minimizes tool downtime
  • Delayed start features
    • Conserves battery life

Sensor measurement and accuracy

Three-axis vibration (XYZ-axis) -200 to +200G ( ±1G)
RPM -1,200 to 1,200 RPM ( ±5 RPM)
Temperature -40 to 302°F (-40 to 150°C) (±6°F/3°C)

General specifications

Material High-strength steel alloy
Rated pressure 20,000 psi
Rated temperature 302°F
Battery life 120 hr, optional delayed start*
Memory storage 8 GB

*Results may vary with configuration

Data rate

Continuous data rate 1,500 Hz high G accels
100 Hz low G accels, RPM, temperature
Data representation Statistical max, min, mean, and RMS
  • BlackBox Eclipse II Spec Sheet

BlackBox Eclipse II installed in the bottomhole assembly or the drillstring

BlackBox Eclipse II installed in the bottomhole assembly or the drillstring.

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