BlackBox Eclipse Tool

Advanced vibration, rotation, and temperature measurements allow for customized solutions and optimized drilling performance.

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Our M/D Totco™ BlackBox Eclipse™ tool is capable of recording accurate revolutions per minute (rpm), three-axis vibration, and temperature in downhole drilling environments. Our memory-mode logging tool can be deployed in various size carrier subs for maximum placement flexibility in the bottomhole assembly or drill string. With its compact design and similar size to previous BlackBox Plug models, the BlackBox Eclipse tool gives critical measurements while minimizing downhole footprint.

The BlackBox Eclipse tool reads sensor data at rates up to 800 Hz and records statistical data (maximum, minimum, mean, and root mean square) to memory at user-configurable rates, providing unmatched accuracy and value, a small footprint, and versatile deployment options. Burst is also available and configurable by the end user to meet individual client needs.

The BlackBox Eclipse tool will increase a well’s operational cost effectiveness by improving performance, drilling efficiency, and well quality on future wells by providing comprehensive memory data for post-well analysis. By optimizing drilling aspects such as vibration management, torsional oscillations, and parameter selection, the BlackBox Eclipse tool can reduce the potential to damage future drill strings and the number of required trips.


  • Flexible deployment options—carrier sub sizes range from 4.75 to 9.5 in. OD
    • Allows for various data collection techniques
  • Gyro rpm sensors
    • Provides accurate data at all speeds and with all carrier sub sizes
  • Three-axis vibration measurements
    • Captures detailed downhole behavior
  • Continuous and burst data
    • Accurately captures high-frequency data for post-well analysis
  • User-configurable data rates
    • Allows for flexible project needs and enhances product versatility
  • Field-replaceable electronics
    • Minimizes tool downtime

BlackBox Eclipse Specifications

Sensor Measurement and Accuracy
Three-axis vibration (XYZ-axis) -200 to +200 G ( ±1 G)
RPM 0.0 to ±250 RPM (±1 rpm)
-1,000 to 1,000 RPM ( ±5 rpm)
Temperature -40 to 150 °C (±3 °C)
General Specifications
Materials High-strength steel alloy
Rated pressure 25,000 psi
Rated temperature 302 °F (150 °C)
Battery life Up to 200 hours*
Memory storage 128 MB
Data rate User-configurable statistical continuous data rates up to 800 Hz
User-configurable interval burst settings
Data representation Statistical max., min., mean, and RMS
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