BlackBox HD Tool

Memory-mode vibration logging tool offers flexible placement and optimized drilling performance.

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The BlackBox™ HD is a memory-mode vibration logging tool that can be placed anywhere in the bottomhole assembly, including the drill bit. The tool measures tangential acceleration and angular position that result in axial, lateral, and torsional vibration and revolutions-per-minute values. Through application of extensive measurements knowledge and experience, the BlackBox HD can help deliver custom solutions to drilling challenges such as stick/slip, whirl, and borehole quality, optimizing drilling performance and reducing well delivery costs.


  • No nonmagnetic requirements
  • Can be run below motors and RSS tools
  • One piece with self-contained power supply
  • No interference with other electronic devices
  • Can be run in a bit, in its own sub, or fitted in existing drill string components
  • Higher resolution than real-time tools
  • BlackBox HD Tool Spec Sheet

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