BlackBox High Frequency (HF) Tool

Memory-mode tool providing increased accuracy, memory capacity, and higher data sampling rates


The M/D Totco™ BlackBox™ High Frequency (HF) collar-based, memory-mode logging tool is an extension of our BlackBox portfolio of memory drilling dynamics tools. The BlackBox HF tool builds upon the quality and reliability of the standard BlackBox Eclipse II and BlackBox EMS tools, adding increased accuracy, memory capacity, and higher data sampling rates. The streamlined, one-piece design and field-replaceable batteries/memory allow for quick turnarounds.

The BlackBox HF tool samples dynamics data at 1,500 Hz. In addition to vibration, the tool also measures WOB, TOB, Annular (AP) and Internal Pressure (IP), RPM, and temperature, all continuously recorded at 100 Hz. With a memory capacity of 8 GB, all of the high-speed data is recorded to memory. There is no need for downhole statistical downsampling, and the tool allows analysis of all the high-speed data at surface for the entire run. The tool also has a delayed start feature to accommodate various run lengths.

Features and Benefits

  • Three axis vibration channels sampled at 1,500 Hz
    • The high-speed sample rate provides the ability to identify high-frequency events such as high-frequency torsional oscillation (HFTO) and in addition allows for the derivation of rock properties.
  • 8 GB of memory
    • Larger memory allows storage of all the data captured by the tool, giving the analyst a clear picture of downhole dynamics
  • Delayed start feature
    • Allows the tool to conserve battery and extend runtime
  • Removable memory
    • Allows the tool to immediately go back downhole
  • BlackBox HF Tool Flyer

  • 9 in. BlackBox High Frequency Tool Spec Sheet

  • 6.75 in. BlackBox High Frequency Tool Spec Sheet

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