BlackStream Along-String Measurement Tool

Along-string measurement tool provides real-time downhole dynamics data.


The M/D Totco™ BlackStream™ along-string measurement (ASM) tool is a collar-based downhole drilling dynamics measurement tool with a compact design that lends itself to flexible placement along the drill string. BlackStream ASM tools acquire temperature, annular and bore pressure, rotational velocity, and three-axis vibration data at high frequencies. These data are then analyzed to enable the tool to identify drilling challenges such as stick-slip and issues with borehole quality in real time.

The BlackStream ASM tool is designed to connect to the IntelliServ™ networked drill string, providing streaming visualization of downhole data. When combined with surface data acquisition, the data can stream into our fluid dynamics control applications to provide well construction teams with the information needed to optimize drilling performance and reduce well costs. The BlackStream ASM tool can also provide real-time equivalent circulating density (ECD) data to a drilling crew, enabling them to collect an extended data set in real time and eliminate uncertainties about pressure profile and wellbore conditions.

  • BlackStream 4 inch ASM Dynamics Tool Spec Sheet

  • BlackStream 5 inch ASM Dynamics Tool Spec Sheet

  • Capturing real-time data during drilling and tripping operations improves efficiency and well placement

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