BlackStream 6.75-in. EMS Tool

Our collar-based enhanced measurement system (EMS) tools use advanced algorithms to capture a wide array of measurements, including multi-axis vibration, load, pressure, and rotation.

The 6.75-in. M/D Totco™ BlackStream™ enhanced measurement system (EMS) tool utilizes the IntelliServ™ real-time data streaming configurations and is capable of an array of measurements, including multi-axis vibration, load, pressure, bending, and rotation. Our collar-based EMS tool helps us deliver custom solutions for drilling challenges such as stick-slip, whirl, and borehole quality to optimize drilling performance and reduce well delivery costs.


  • Proprietary and patented depth/pressure compensation
    • Ensures the highest accuracy of weight and torque measurements
  • Maximum, minimum, and mean values for load measurements statistically recorded up to 800 Hz
    • Delivers accurate data resolution—visualize trends in downhole behavior and identify key optimization methods
  • Short, versatile ~9-ft sub length
    • Allows for versatile placement in the BHA or drill string— flexibility to collect data from various locations
  • Compatible with IntelliServ wired drill pipe
    • Allows for real-time streaming of downhole data when used with wired drill pipe
  • Not dependent on additional downhole equipment for power or communication
    • Enables increased tool placement options for data capture
  • Self-contained power supply
    • Allows tool to be run independent of other downhole equipment

Available Measurements

  • Weight
  • Torque
  • Bending*
  • Annular pressure
  • Internal pressure*
  • Three-axis vibration
  • Rotation
  • Temperature

*Measurements available on certain configurations

  • Capturing real-time data during drilling and tripping operations improves efficiency and well placement

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