BlackStream Measurement-While-Drilling Tool

Monitor wellbore quality and drilling dynamics through real-time data.

M/D Totco's™ BlackStream™ measurement-while-drilling (MWD) tool is a collar-based downhole drilling dynamics measurement tool that combines the capabilities of the BlackStream enhanced measurement system (EMS) tool with a direction and inclination probe to provide real-time measurements of both drilling dynamics and wellbore quality.

In addition to the standard set of EMS measurement sensors, the tool also includes channels such as inclination, azimuth, gravity tool face, magnetic tool face, and gamma. This combination tool provides valuable data to help determine borehole quality and curve build rates in real time with no loss of time compared to traditional surveys. The tool is designed to connect to the IntelliServ™ networked drill string, providing real-time data at rates up to 80 Hz.

  • BlackStream Measurement-While-Drilling 5-in. Tool Spec Sheet

  • BlackStream Measurement-While-Drilling 6.75-in. Tool Spec Sheet

  • Capturing real-time data during drilling and tripping operations improves efficiency and well placement

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