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Boarding Shut-Down Valves

Designed for isolating offshore production platforms, compression platforms, and FPSOs from riser

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Boarding shut-down valves (BSDVs) are the most critical safety component of a subsea system. Used for isolating offshore facilities such as production platforms, compression platforms, and FPSOs from riser, our High Pressure and Temperature (HPT) Gate Valves act as an automatic emergency shutdown valve in the case of a power supply loss. Installed on the pipeline boarding riser, the BSDV assembly includes a valve and hydraulic or pneumatic failsafe-closed actuator.

Our BSDVs, also known as the riser isolation valve or riser emergency shut-down valve, provide maximum safety for the people aboard your production facility. The valves are designed to meet rigorous Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) requirements of monthly, not to exceed a time period of 6 weeks, leak rate tests for high-pressure and low-pressure testing. Our BSDVs are manufactured in Houma, Louisiana and can ship globally.

HPT Gate Valves meet the following API Valve Specifications:
  • 6A PR2F
  • 6AV1
  • 6FA

HPT Gate Valve Specifications

Typical bore size 2.06 in. to 9 in.
Typical pressure rating Up to 20,000 psi
Typical material class EE-0.5, EE-NL, HH-NL
Typical temperature class -50 degrees F to 350 degrees F
Typical API 6A Product Specification Level (PSL) PSL-3G Single and dual block design

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