Side view of Bodyload Mast Coiled Tubing Unit

Bodyload Coiled Tubing Mast Units

Designed for quick, safe rig-up and operation thanks to the ability to leave tubing stabbed in the injector during transport.

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This integrated design presents a self-contained coiled tubing unit (CTU) for quick and safe rig-up with minimal personnel for the small outside diameter (OD) intervention market.

This is accomplished by the ability to leave tubing stabbed into the injector during transport and raising of the mast on location. Our Hydra Rig™ bodyload mast CTU design minimizes the number of service personnel required while maintaining full operational functionality. This unit was engineered to meet the strict requirements of the California Department of Transportation dimensional and load regulations.

This compact unit is engineered to hold our HR-635, 35,000-lb capacity injector and pressure control equipment (PCE) between the mast legs. These both attach to the mast and can be raised, lowered, extended, retracted, tilted, and horizontally shifted to the required position over the centerline of the wellhead. The stack-up is then lowered onto the wellhead for attachment. Also included inside the climate-controlled cabin is the CTES™ Orion data acquisition system, which can monitor and record your operations.


  • Kenworth T-800W chassis used and EPA approved for California operations 
  • Backup camera installed to assist drive in positioning at wellhead 
  • Mast to injector connection allows for 8 in. of side shift, 4 in. of vertical travel, and tilts for placement on slightly deviated wellheads 
  • Indicator provided for mast load 
  • Custom stack configurations and retrofits available

Bodyload Coiled Tubing Mast Unit

Max. injector height

225 in. to bottom of injector base at 76 in. reach from bumper

Shift travels

±8 in. side-side on 8.5-ft wide trailer and up to 4 in. vertical

Lifting capacity (including injector)

20,000 lb (assuming 8,000 lb injector, allows for 12,000 lb PCE)

Weight (approx.)

73,800 lb with 7,300 lb of tubing

Hydraulic requirements

3,000 psi supply and larger hydraulic reservoir

Mast max. reach at 20Klift

48 in. behind truck and 225 in. at injector bottom

Mast max. reach at 15Klift

76 in. behind truck and 208 in. at injector bottom





  • Hydra Rig Bodyload Mast Coiled Tubing Unit Flyer

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