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Bondstrand Marine vessel

Bondstrand Composite Solutions for the Marine Market

Your trusted reliable partner, through our products, services and people

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Our Vision

Shipowners all around the world have come to rely on our Bondstrand product as the piping of choice for all new builds and retrofit projects.

By providing a complete package solution – an approved quality product, engineered solutions, installation & commissioning and full aftersales services provided through our Global Service Network – further deepens the dependability and reliability of our products and services for shipowners.

We want to give every customer the best possible experience.  With flawless project management, expert design and engineering services, our durable high quality, corrosion resistant products can withstand the harshest environment any vessel encounters. We have proven time and time again that our products are so reliable they will outlast the life of the ship.  

To deliver this unique experience, we partner with shipowners, engineering firms, and shipyards, delivering excellence at every level through solid relationships built over time.

Together we built the Bondstrand reputation. 

Bondstrand – the foundation, and the future. 

Enhancing shipowners trust further with improved reliability, we will engage owners through the life of the vessel, leaving the owner with peace of mind. Shipowners recognize the value this brings to their businesses and will continue with us for their next vessels.

Our Bondstrand piping systems is the fit and forget solution for a ship’s maintenance free operation.

  • Bondstrand Marine Piping Systems Brochure
  • Bondstrand Retrofit Applications Flyer
  • Piping Systems Ecologically Sound for Scrubber Installations Brochure
  • Bondstrand Series Water Ballast System Flyer
  • Engineering Services - Marine, Offshore & Subsea Flyer (Chinese)
  • Bondstrand Composite Pressure Vessels Flyer
  • Bondstrand 2000M/7000M for Marine and Offshore Data Sheet
  • Bondstrand 2400LD-ECP Series Data Sheet
  • Bondstrand Double O-Ring Expansion Couplings Data Sheet
  • Bondstrand GRE Water Tight Bulkhead Penetration Data Sheet
  • Asuka II Project Case Study
  • Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier Project Case Study
  • Bondstrand Fire Matrix
  • Global Service Network Partners
  • Maran Athena, Crude Oil Tanker Case Study
  • Gas Agility Case Study
  • Ever Alot Vessel Case Study

Composite Solutions for the Marine Market

Our Bondstrand™ composite solutions corrosion resistance and huge weight savings also reduced carbon emissions when compared to metallic systems.

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