Bow Loading System

The BLS system provides efficient means for transferring petroleum product from a floating production- (FPSO) or storage (FSO) vessel to a marine shuttle tanker


The Bow Loading System (BLS) provides efficient means for offshore loading required by oil loading tankers (OLTs) and floating storage and offloading (FSO) vessels. The BLS is compatible with standardized equipment on OLTs and FSO vessels as well as the Single Anchor Loading (SAL™) by Advanced Production and Loading (APL™).

The system incorporates a ball joint at the loading manifold, which provides a moment-free connection between the loading hose and the vessel. This enhances the durability and service life of both the loading hose, hose-end piece, and coupling. The system may also incorporate a sliding chain stopper (SPM Auto), which minimizes manual operations during the mooring and unmooring sequences.

Our BLS system is based on years of operational experience in the harsh North Sea and can be optimized for operations in Brazil and the Arctic.

The first BLS was delivered in 1992 and has since been supplied to ship owners and yards worldwide.

  • APL Mooring and Loading Systems Brochure

Render of a APL Bow Loading System at sea