Bowen Bladed Junk Mill

Our Bowen bladed junk mills mill away metal objects downhole that cannot be retrieved through conventional fishing methods. The mills can be used in cased- and open-hole operations and are available in industry-standard sizes.


The blade design of the Bowen™ bladed junk mill holds junk to be milled under the milling face and cuts continually, rather than sweeping the junk ahead of the blades. The mills meet NS-2 and DS-1 fishing standards. The junk mills should be ⅛ to ¼ in. less than the minimum ID of the casing or open hole.


  • Available in sizes from 1.75 to 28 in.
  • Designs available in standardized fish neck length of 6 or 12 in.
  • Available with or without integral stabilizers
  • Integral blades
  • Dressed with industry-leading Bowen ItcoloyX
  • Available with optional thread connections
  • Available dressed or without carbide, allowing for local customization

Applications for use

  • General junk
  • Stationary/fixed obstructions
  • Production equipment, such as bridge plugs, packers, and retainers
  • Cemented tubulars
  • Bowen Bladed Junk Mills Technical Summary

Front side shot of six Bowen Bladed Junk Mill in two different sizes
Two Bowen Bladed Junk Mills