Bowen Coiled Tubing Intensifier

Employing patented technology, our Bowen coiled tubing intensifier offers optimal control of impacts downhole.


The Bowen™ coiled tubing intensifier is a straight pull-and-push jarring tool that employs patented combinations of hydraulics and mechanics. Its unique design allows for easy and dependable operation. No setting or adjustment is required before going in the hole or after the fish is engaged. The operator can control the intensity of the jarring blows by varying the applied load. The Ultra coiled tubing jar can deliver a wide range of blows, from low to very high impact forces. The coiled tubing intensifier operates in conjunction with the Ultra CT jar to supply force acceleration during the jarring stroke. The comparatively large inside diameter (ID) permits the use of drop balls to actuate tools below the jar.


  • Increases impact ratios above existing industry tools
  • Industry-leading impact values
  • Shorter, more robust design
  • Enhanced seal technology to ensure reliability
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