Bowen Ditch Magnet

Trap and remove metal particles, mill cuttings, and debris from drilling mud with our Bowen Ditch Magnet.

Bowen rig against a blue sky

The Bowen™ Ditch Magnet is the best available and most effective means of trapping and removing metal particles from the drilling mud that the shale shaker will not get. This unit will capture all metals having magnetic attraction and hold them until they can be removed from the mud stream. The magnet is particularly valuable during milling operations. Removal of mill cuttings and debris reduces wear of mud pumps and other equipment while eliminating problems caused by the return downhole of harmful debris. They are equally effective during washover and fishing jobs.

Bowen Ditch Magnet construction

The Bowen Ditch Magnet features simplicity, ruggedness, and a high power-to-weight ratio. The 36-in.-long magnet weighs only 90 lb and will hold in suspension as much as half this weight of mill cuttings. The design is clean, eliminating trays, gates, and other auxiliary equipment. The magnet is encased in stainless steel and has integral handles at each end for lifting.

Magnet operation

No special instructions are required to operate the Bowen Ditch Magnet. It is most effective when suspended by soft line in the mud ditch. It may also be suspended by soft line in the shaker discharge. The unit should be cleaned several times per day, depending on the milling rate. Just remove the magnet and clean it with a freshwater or saltwater hose. Wipe all cuttings from the unit and return it to duty. The unit may be cleaned less often during other operations when return cuttings come slower.