Bowen Full Circle Casing Scraper

The Bowen full-circle casing scraper is ideal for the removal of mud, cement, bullets, rust, scale, paraffin, perforation burrs, and other obstructions from the inside walls of casing.


Maintaining a clean casing inside diameter (ID) is important when operating drilling, fishing, or wireline tools. Likewise, packers, patches, spears, and similar tools require clean surfaces to grip. Obstructions on casing walls will frequently cause these tools to fail or become difficult to operate.

Using a simple one-piece mandrel design, the Bowen™ full-circle casing scraper is constructed to be durable yet simple to operate and maintain. The scraper conditions 50% more surface area than any other tool on the market. The full-circle blades are so spaced to contact 600° (almost two complete circles) of casing surface at once.

Short and compact, the scraper also incorporates a long taper on the blades for passing through joints without hanging. The scraper works in vertical or rotary operations and may be run on drill pipe.

Bowen full-circle casing scrapers are available to condition pipe ranging from 2⅜-in. tubing to 13⅜-in. casing.


  • Approximately 50% more scraping surface than any other scraper on the market, extending blade life
  • Full-circle blades contact 600° of surface at once
  • Short, compact, and easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Longer guide taper on blades for passing through joints without hanging
  • Vertical and rotary operation may be run on wireline or drill pipe
  • Investment cast tool steel blades allow maximum scraping ability
  • Full Circle Casing Scraper Instruction Manual