Bowen Full-Circle Releasing Spears

Bowen full-circle releasing spears offer many outstanding advantages for all fishing jobs when it is necessary to engage a fish internally.


Positive release is assured by the primary release mechanism and is backed by the left-handed wickers on the slips, which allow the Bowen™ full-circle releasing spears to be unscrewed from the fish using right-hand rotation. Secure engagement is assured by the full-circle slips.

These tools are versatile, with sizes available for each tubing, drill pipe, and casing size.

The full portfolio of complementary accessories available includes mill-type, sub-type, and sidehill-type nuts, extensions, safety ring pack-offs, and skirts and guides. Generous bores are provided through the tools to assure ample fluid flow to help remove cuttings and furnish lifting force to the fish.

  • Bowen Full-Circle Releasing Spears Instruction Manual