Bowen Piranha Mills

Cut through cemented tubulars and packers


Our Bowen™ Piranha mills are extremely durable, making them the perfect choice when cutting through cemented tubulars and packers is necessary. The mills can be used in cased- and open-hole operations and are available in industry-standard sizes.

The Bowen Piranha mill has a deep-throat design and is heavily layered with industry-leading ItcoloyX to ensure longer product life. This makes the Piranha ideal for applications that require the milling of large amounts of downhole junk. The mill meets NS-2 and DS-1 fishing standards and is offered in several configurations, including with optional thread connections and stabilizer pads.


  • Available in sizes from 3.5 to 28 in.
  • Designs available in standardized fish neck length of 12 in.
  • Dressed with a thick layer of industry-leading Bowen ItcoloyX, ensuring longer tool life
  • Available with or without integral stabilizers
  • Large V-flow port for maximum fluid circulation
  • Center is offset to prevent coring
  • Available with optional threaded connections

Applications for use

  • Cemented tubulars
  • Packers
  • Large amounts of junk
  • Bowen Piranha Mills Technical Summary

Angled render of Bowen Piranha Mills
Front view render of Bowen Piranha Mills