Bowen Premier Casing Patch

Bowen Premier Casing Patch engages a previously prepared fish, packs it off permanently, and becomes a part of the repaired casing or tubing.


The Bowen™ Premier Casing Patch is designed to engage and seal off the casing, while maintaining the ability to release either during or after setting operations, should this become necessary. It is an ideal solution between our Standard (5k psi) and Extreme (15k psi) casing patch offerings, designed specifically for API casing tolerances to ensure pressure integrity.

The patch provides a permanent connection which remains rigid and leak-proof for many years, yet it can be released if the need arises. This patch will not restrict the bore of the casing or tubing in any matter.

  • Bowen Premier Casing Patch Spec Sheet

  • Bowen Premier Casing Patch Instruction Manual

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